In Paris, the family house gently rounds the corners

Immediately enthralled by the original architecture of this old house – where Alexandre Dumas’ father lived – on avenue Frochot, a historic green alley in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, decorator and interior designer Vanessa Faivre admits:It was necessary to reorganize the space for Arthur, Marie-Virginie, their girl and unborn baby, creating four bedrooms and a bathroom in an already very beautiful space, respecting the key elements.” Namely arcades”which looked at the former stables” – there are also nativity scenes and arches – and wooden beams, upstairs corridors, high ceilings, a master staircase…

“Behind decorating is the joy of creating a space for families… and to feel good there.”

A rounded Parisian house

Of magnificent proportions, this staircase is sober in its curves and lines. I didn’t want to touch it, but it wasn’t safe for 2 and a half year old Victoire. Therefore, I imagined a very simple oak paneling that does not spoil the style, in continuity with the walls and white arches of the kitchen and dining room, bathed in overhead lighting.“For limit the entrance – “the owners of the place wanted one… and some storage!” – Vanessa draws a light oak screen which preserves the brightness of the adjacent living room and “airiness”, enhanced by two shades of green and an island of greenery on the terrace.

Upstairs, in a large bedroom with parquet and original fireplacethe decorator has “played mix & match, renovating old wardrobes and creating more storage, especially with the headboard with drawers“. True to her method since founding her interior design agency in 2009, Vanessa is “thought about the decoration as the work progressed and talked to the couple. Apart from the family pictures and the iconic armchair “Togo” by Ligne Roset, they didn’t want anything spectacular but a warm atmosphere.“. The warming of the walls of the house dominated by white and yellow, the use of oak, refined lighting fixtures and shades of green distill a “calm and very gentle atmosphere, like the immediate harmony established with this family. Whose baby was born at the very end of the project!

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