in Rougnat, a Smurf collector decorated his house with thousands of little blue men

Alain Pouchol’s house in Rougnat (east of Creuse, near Auzances) is impossible to miss, it was attacked by 2,360 little blue men. “I’m buying something online. I quickly pop in and reheat the menu”, says the collector who admits that he has already spent 2,500 euros to build his collection. He finds his Smurfs on websites for sale or at flea markets. Sometimes visitors bring it!

After collecting the beans, the place for the smurfs

Before the Smurfs, he was collecting beans from galettes des rois. But tired, he allowed himself to be seduced by the smurf figurines. This taste for collecting runs in the family: his mother collected beans, his sister hoarded themare garden gnomes.

His house has even become a tourist spot.
His house has even become a tourist spot. © Radio France
Filipino Thibaudault

Smurfette has a weaker hold with his heels

Figures, of all sizes, are everywhere : by his fence, on the windowsill, on the gutters… Every time he finds a new place to complete his collection. “My last smurfs come from a group that represents professions: there’s a pianist, a banker, an ice cream seller” who settled near his front door.

The collection is maintained daily

Hundreds of items that require maintenance. “Every day I check to see if they are still there, so they don’t come off. For example, Smurfette has a weaker hold with heels” says this enthusiast. Alain Pouchol is not limited to figurines: he also collects smurf perfumessmurf soaps, smurf mugs, smurf posters, smurf t-shirts!

At the age of 59, he intends to continue his collection and convey your passion to his godson.

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