In Saint-Tropez, a holiday home with sophisticated decoration

© Francis Amiand

The position of the house is extraordinary, at the end of a cypress-lined lane, in one of the most confidential places in Saint-Tropez, with a breathtaking sea view.” very 1980s » with its chrome and flat balconies, interior designer and decorator Stéphanie Coutas will make it her mission to erase the glaring flaws, give it a more authentic look and really incorporate it into the surrounding nature.

On the terrace, an olive tree, climbing plants and potted plants bring freshness. Coffee tables (Taman) and sofas (Tribù) rest on a large outdoor rug (JD Staron).

© Francis Amiand

I introduced natural materials, travertine in shades of gray and sand and sanded finishes, mixed with matte wood, sawn oak, muted colors from the Loro Piana collection, terrycloth, linen, raffia, woolen textures but in pastel accords… and a lot of patina too “. Above all, she creates curves wherever she can, from the headboard to the wardrobe door, from the wall in the living room that has a large mirror that reflects the view but has a curved bottom, to another wall that has loads of them. , free shapes and in the olive wood, bringing softness in. Like the organic shapes of the elements of the sofa, the coffee table, all fragmented like puzzles.

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