In Valence, a new life for a house of 280 m2

“A building has at least two lives: the one imagined by its creator and the one that lives afterwards”, Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas once said. Located in the center of Valencia, Spain, this dilapidated house from the 20th centurye century looked like an ugly duckling, until a private entrepreneur decided to give him a second chance. The agreement was clear: they would finance the renovation of the facade, and the owners would take care of the renovation of the accommodation. That’s how architect Rosana Fuster Torregrosa from the Spanish agency Arkitandem fell in love with her future home. “It’s true that everything had to be redone, but I wanted to highlight certain original elements such as carvings, moldings, shutters and exterior woodwork”recalls Rosana Fuster.

Two armchairs in the living room were donated by stylist Nuria Menoyo.

Francisco Alvarez

The house, called Vivienda O, is 280 m away2 and evokes the shape of a square doughnut. “We have two important facades, explains Rosana Fuster. The first includes a living room, dining room and kitchen, and overlooks the main avenue. The second has bedrooms and overlooks the courtyard of the building. Inside, big patio lets in extra light. The only thing left is to divide the children’s room into two for later. »

Under the wooden floor of the kitchen hides the old Nolla mosaic, so damaged that the architect decided not to touch it. “The tiles were in bad shape, so we decided to cover them. But we wanted to give priority to the original floor through the new mosaic. » The decoration is refined, with neutral walls, precious materials and designer furniture, such as pieces by Alvar Aalto (kitchen chairs and shelves), Jean Prouvé (limited edition Vitra chairs) or Peter Zumthor (bathroom lamp).

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