Innovate your electrical and plumbing projects

Electricity and plumbing are constantly evolving with the advent of technical innovations and new environmental requirements.

The AIE Group develops with the needs of its partners in a process of constant innovation and consulting. Firmly established in the Paris region, the AIE group supports public players, retail chains and individuals in the design and implementation of their electricity, multi-technical maintenance and water supply projects.

A meeting with Mohamed-Salah EL KHADIRI, the founder and director of the AIE group… and an avid aviation enthusiast.

What is your expertise?

Our historical expertise is electricity, especially for the tertiary sector. The group then evolved with the demands of its partners towards Multi-technical maintenance and plumbing activities. Today, the Group is structured into three entities, each of which has its own business line. A great synergy enables us to improve our expertise on the most complete projects and ensure an efficient maintenance service.

The group’s DNA is service. Made to measure, it includes the creation of projects in partnership with architects and design offices, their construction and delivery. Thanks to our expertise and our innovative positioning, the group is a source of suggestions and a finder of solutions.

We develop long-term partnerships with many brands in a relationship of trust. MONOPRIX, MACIF, MAIF, GROUPE IKKS, ESPACE 4, as well as ministries such as the Ministry of Justice or Internal Affairs and many others trust us in the realization of their projects.

What are the main technological achievements in your business?

The explosion of home automation and automation requires specific skills that the Group has been able to develop thanks to a dynamic training policy.

48 employees of the group attend at least one course a year. The goal is to offer the best service to our clients, but also, by encouraging the development of skills, to encourage mobility and internal promotions. All are SS4 approved to work in an asbestos environment or with electrical or gas approvals…

Home automation makes it possible, for example, to automate the switching on and off of lights in a shop, to design and build smart homes with rainwater collection for watering or sanitary facilities, to manage surveillance cameras… the field of possibilities is huge, and it allows for the expression of real creativity.

Automation is also a way to secure or adapt a building to different audiences. The group worked on complex projects such as automating the opening and closing of entry or exit air chambers according to a specific protocol in security sectors or data center sectors or for stores that open on Sundays without sales staff with opening and closing doors at a specific time.

How do you support your partners in their ecological transition?

This is an ongoing requirement that we are proud to support.

We regularly replace classic lighting with LED lighting in order to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the equipment, but also by installing charging stations for vehicles, everything that is useful for our future is pleasing to our eyes.

Our experience and mastery of all current techniques of our teams allows us to offer our partners complete and economical solutions. Therefore, we have automated the lighting of supermarkets according to attendance and working hours, in order to limit the lighting to 30% before opening to the public in the parts that are needed by the employees present during those time intervals. The remaining 70% is automatically switched on at the time of opening. The good design of the outdoor lighting allowed us at another partner to replace 40 250 W bulbs with 15 70 W bulbs for a more aesthetic and attractive result with remote control.

As for heating, we also carry out detailed studies that put different alternatives into perspective, from the purchase price, to the savings achieved, to the lifetime and management via smartphone and tablet.

This ability to provide tailor-made solutions is key to our service offering.

Ecological transition is also the main topic that we develop in the company, especially thanks to the internal software that is developed by the employee on the work and study contract. It allows teams to receive their service assignments in great detail without having to return to our offices every day. This saves time and fuel, giving teams more autonomy and a better quality of life at work.

AIE Group is growing, what drives this dynamic?

Aviation! I am an aviation enthusiast, VFR and IFR pilot. Piloting requires a pronounced ability to predict: it is necessary to predict in advance the development of all flight parameters and the meteorological situation. It’s the same configuration at work. To be in constant search for technological innovations, anticipating their application to improve the quality of the service provided, training to prepare teams for current and future challenges, maintaining optimal performance capacity, reactivity: AIE Group is part 100% in this process of innovation and constant search for the best solution for their partners.

As in flight, confidence makes all the difference. The quality of the group’s teams is the company’s wealth. Reactive, mobilized, they are committed to the success of our partners’ projects. They are able to intervene quickly. We train in-house profiles that fit the company culture with great success and promotions as a result.

This same trust connects us with our partners, whom we sometimes follow from the start of the group and with whom we develop geographically, sometimes with projects throughout France, and technically with new challenges that we constantly face.

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