Interior decoration: A French woman from Madrid offers Home Staging

Thanks to our Home Staging, you can increase the value of your property. You will sell in less time and at the best price.


The vast majority of potential buyers cannot imagine the possibilities of a house if it is empty. Let’s not forget, when you sell a property, after the location, you sell the square footage first. Furnishing and equipping an empty home for sale allows you to increase the volume and area of ​​all rooms, present them in the best light and thus stand out from the competition.

We will furnish the space so that it is more defined and warmer. This material remains in the house for the agreed time and is present during commercial visits.

This kind of atmosphere, along with a professional photo reportage, will make it stand out on real estate portals and seduce you more easily than empty accommodation.


In order to enable you to spend less, we make the most of existing furniture, rearrange spaces and, if necessary, borrow equipment from our warehouse.

This material remains in the house for the agreed time and is present during commercial visits.

In addition, as a picture is worth more than a thousand words, we will provide you with a professional photo report that will make your property stand out on real estate portals, be visited and sold as soon as possible. When you know that a photo is 60% of a real estate ad, there will certainly be more interested potential buyers.


Inhabited interiors can also benefit from a Home Staging intervention.

We work with existing equipment and furniture and add appropriate decoration to make the home as attractive as possible. This material is placed for the photograph and then removed.

In order to promote your accommodation in the middle of real estate ads and attract as many potential buyers as possible, we will create a professional photo report that will enhance your property with attractive, but representative photos.

In addition, we will give you some guidelines to follow for commercial visits.


One of the problems of an empty apartment is the difficulty for the buyer to “see” the surface of the premises: he has no yardstick. Without a bed in the bedroom, it is difficult to achieve the remaining volume for installing, for example, a desk or a chest of drawers. Moreover, it is very difficult for the buyer to visualize his “home” in an open and uninhabited area.

An apartment or a model house must show a happy way of life through its decoration: an ideal place where the client will enjoy himself.


Nowadays, the vast majority of people book holiday accommodation online without ever visiting it. That is why it is important that the aesthetics of the rental be neat, the style comfortable and modern, and the photos impressive. Vacation rentals and business accommodations should have their own personality.

We will furnish a space that will capture the customer’s attention and transport him to his dream vacation.

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French by birth, Madrid by adoption, and after several stops around the world, I started my professional career in the world of international business. Maybe it wasn’t my true calling, but it gave me the necessary dose of realism and pragmatism to approach my new project not only creatively, but also sensibly.

I have always been attracted to the world of interior design, I decided to reinvent myself and become a “mom entrepreneur”! I turned my hobby into my profession by devoting myself to Home Staging, a technique that combines the best of decoration with the advantages of marketing.

With the Home Stager title under my belt, I founded Valeur Home Staging with the aim of helping promoters, estate agents and individuals make the most of their property in record time.


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