Jackpot for Guéret Small Theater which receives €500,000 from Heritage Lotto

Two days before the visit of President Emmanuel Macron, Minister of Culture Rima Abdul-Malak and Stéphane Bern, we already know the amount a check awarded for the renovation of a small Italian theater in Guéret. It could go up to 500,000 euros, and this is the maximum amount that was awarded.

Therefore, it is a great help for a small theater that has been closed for forty years and whose the renovation is estimated between four and six million kuna euros. The interior of the theater threatens to collapse : The bearing capacity of floors and balconies is no longer guaranteed. The electrical installation should also be brought up to standard. Therefore, major carpentry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating, painting and painting works are planned.

The money for Mission Patrimoine will come from the FDJ games : a €15 scratch-off ticket sold from 29 August and seven consecutive Lotto draws (including a Super Lotto of at least €13 million) between 5 and 17 September. They will enable the realization of eighteen symbolic projects of the regions, including the Guéret small theater for New Aquitaine, as well as a hundred other projects.

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