Jordan women learn the traditional Tarn technique of indigo dyeing

For a week, three Jordanian women learn the traditional indigo dyeing technique from Tarn in the dyehouse in Lautrec. Interest: a very low water consumption. They then transfer that technique to their workshop in Jordan.

It is a delegation of Jordanian women who arrived in the village of Lautrec in Tarn. There are 3 of them, they came to learn local knowledge and experience: indigo.

Traditional indigo dyeing technique Tarn

Why come to Lautrec? Because here there is a dyer who presents himself as the only master who uses this technique.

Mixed with water, the ball of abundance ferments to produce the blue pigment contained in the pastel. The process which uses very little water.

A big advantage, because in Jordan, every liter of water counts. So, the delegation relies heavily on this technique.

Find the report by Grégoire Alcalá and Valérian Morzadec :


Their stay lasts 5 days in Tarn. It is financed thanks to the aid fund released by UNESCO, in parallel with the support of the French Embassy in Jordan.

These 3 women therefore have a missionlearn techniques and then pass them on to your colleaguesin Jordan.

The Jordanian association Safi Crafts consists of fourteen women. Based in Ghor El Safi in the southern Dead Sea region, their small workshop is a laboratory of creations of all kinds: clothes, bags, curtains…

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