Lectoure: the “Le Bleu de Lectoure” workshop moved to the old station

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The old bar in the city has been replaced by a large space dedicated to blue pastels and coloring, at 15 Avenue de la Gare in Lectoure.

In front of the old Lectoure station, two tubs painted in blue attract attention, there you can see “salads”, one of the stages of isatis tinctoria, the plant that is the origin of pastels, and in the bush, the same plant in the seed stage.

“Le Bleu de Lectoure”, a Gers-based company created in 1994 and taken over by Cécile Gex and Jean-Marie Neels in 2016, is bringing back the culture of pastel painters. Since the premises in rue Alsace-Lorraine are a bit cramped, the company has just moved to the old station. The spacious and modular venue showcases the store’s products, with a large area to welcome groups. The view is clear towards the dyer’s workshop, which has two barrels with different recipes developed in collaboration with the dyer’s master David Santander. Cécile envisioned a welcoming place like home, with a relaxation area, a living room, a reading area, another part devoted to sewing, then a laundry room.

She reserved a place for herself for painting, an activity she had abandoned and is finally continuing. The store has acquired new colors from the use of new color formulas, there are products for decorative and art paints, cosmetics, household linen and clothes, some of which ranges are the result of collaboration with designers. The plant and the pigment, both come to life, with the extraction of the leaves, a set of natural and ecological vessels and enable to give a unique palette of blue, from the darkest to the lightest. All creations fit well with interior and exterior decorations, ranging from chic beach spirit to industrial spirit.

Visits to discover behind the scenes of production

To share this knowledge and take you to the world of blue, Bleu de Lectoure workshops offer organized tours that include a presentation of the isatis tinctoria plant, the history of pastel, the extraction technique, the color, the company and its products. Visits by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 14:30 and 16:00 and on Saturdays at 16:00. Prices: 5 to 7 euros; free for children up to 15 years old.

Le Bleu de Lectoure will participate this Saturday at the Traditionnades in the Jardin des Marronniers and at the Du Bleu au blues festival, from July 14 to 18. Information: https://www.bleu-de-lectoure.com/

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