Lodève: Claire Muller finds her happiness in the Lauroux Valley

Based in the Lauroux Valley where she opened her vegetable dyeing workshop “Vert Claire” five years ago, Claire Muller deepens and develops techniques to refine and give new life to textiles, from the plants she harvests. almost everywhere in the territory, from Salagou to Larzac.

Plants from here

“It is through these surfaces of the brnistra that colors the reliefs with a bright yellow color at the beginning of summer that the plant color presented itself as obvious”, explains Claire. Burnets were added alternately with buckthorn, ailanthus, and ragweed to expand the color palette throughout the seasons. “I discover plants, deepen my knowledge through my walks and picking, trying to recognize the essences useful for the implementation of my work”. It remains to transform them, with cooking and color extraction in baths that will be used to dye fabrics and fabrics in several stages.

Made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool or jute…), at the end the artist will decorate them.

“The implementation of my creations is done according to studied projects and the inspiration of the moment.” All offer incredible freedom to professionals using several techniques and cultures. “I rely on our historical knowledge, supplemented by knowledge from several African countries or Japan”. In the process of thinking about preserving the environment, to create original and unique textile pieces.

Unique and natural pieces

“It’s beautiful and makes sense, in a society where we tend to over-consume textiles without knowing how and where they are produced.” And too easy to throw away. “I would like to be able to develop a small cottage industry, to touch people’s conscience”. Claire Muller regularly presents her creations in salons and in the joint store of the association Le Geste et la Matière, of which she is a member, located in the center of Lodève.

Contact: Le Geste et la Matière association boutique, 21 rue de la République, at the corner of Grand-Rue, or here.

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