Looking for a “home” set to shoot a short film in Brittany Bretagne Cinéma

For the filming of a short film called “Transylvania” directed by Rodrigue Huart and produced by Qui Vive! with the support of Bretagne Cinéma (financial assistance of the Brittany region in partnership with CNC and personalized support of Reception of Filming), the production team is looking for a house located in the suburbs in or near Rennes.

Synopsis : Eva is 10 years old. She lives in a small abandoned town. She is a child separated
isolated. And for a reason, she is convinced that she is a vampire. Fascinated by Hugo, 14
years old, dreams of making him a vampire too and thus overcome his loneliness. When she
she reveals to him, the teenagers in the neighborhood make fun of her. She is wounded in her body
ready to do anything to prove his identity.

Description of wanted decor in Rennes or nearby :

  • In about 2 days of shooting : house located in a suburban settlement having, preferably, in a classic style and a little old.
    The house you are looking for must have a window or glass door with a garden view.

Further information :
Filming is scheduled to take place in or near Rennes from October 24-29, 2022.
The exact dates of the recording in the desired “home” environment will still be specified.
Note: the decoration intervention time can be added before and after the planned shooting day.s.
A rental allowance is provided.
A visit will be necessary before any decision is made.
Attention, if you are a tenant, the owner’s agreement is mandatory.

If you are interested and think your house may match the decor you are looking for, please email ASAP* Marie Jehanno, who is in charge of finding the location, at: promariejehanno@gmail.com with:

  • a brief description of the house,
  • several photos showing the different rooms as well as the access to the garden through the window/glass door,
    And by stating your name, surname, place of residence and phone number.

* If you can’t send an email by clicking on the link, please copy the full address into the “to” section of your email.


Bretagne Cinéma serves only as a relay and therefore will not be able to provide any additional information or send applications.
Bretagne Cinéma does not allow the use of this ad for commercial purposes, only the sharing of this original ad is possible.

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