Maisons du Monde is ahead of French Days with up to -50% off

D-6 before the French days! Maisons du Monde is already launching its Les jours maison flash sale. The brand offers a wide selection on sale for decorating your interior!

The month of May always has a lot of beautiful things in store for us. Sun, lilies of the valley, national holidays (spoiler alert: this year it falls on a Sunday), but also French days.

In order to compete with the American Black Friday, they came up with French e-commerce sites a commercial event that offers great discounts. In 2022, it will be held from May 4 to 9. In short, with French Days it is possible to have fun a little before the summer – the one who once said “do whatever you want in May” already understood everything.

This year, Maisons du Monde has taken the lead with Les jours maison, a flash sale that starts today and offers up to -50% on a wonderful selection furniture and decorations. Are you tickled by the desire for change? Days at home will probably seduce you!

For remodeling your home, Maisons du Monde offers you up to 50% off a very wide selection

Decor that will beautify your home

If you are tired of interior design, Maisons du Monde comes to the rescue of furniture (do you have any?) thanks to home days! Change the sofa, buy a rug or simply restore a broken bedside lamp: Maisons du Monde opens up a field of possibilities.

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From April 27 to May 9, 2022, Maisons du Monde is offering discounts ranging from -10% to -50% on furniture and decor.

For those lucky enough to have a garden or even a balcony, it’s easy to find something to brighten up your exterior — for example, this metal lounger costs €55.95 instead of €69.99.

Days of the house offer a wide selection of products, for all tastes, but also for all ages. Indeed, this flash sale offers you something to beautify the rooms of the little ones. For example, this €20.75 instead of €25.99 cloud will sit perfectly above a baby’s crib.

This offer is valid online and in store. However, it cannot be combined with a promotional offer. In addition, in order not to damage your wallet too much, it is possible to pay in 4 installments starting from 90 euros of purchase (excluding partner brands and click and collect orders).

House days flash sale in a nutshell

  • From April 27 to May 9, 2022
  • A wide selection of furniture and decorations from -10% to -50%
  • Possibility of payment in 4 installments

Maisons du Monde graces your home with its flash sale

Maisons du Monde offers you up to 50% discount on a wide selection of products for remodeling your home. This sale, Les jours maison, ends on May 9th, so it’s time to take advantage!

For remodeling your home, Maisons du Monde offers you up to 50% off a very wide selection

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