marl. Bricoworld offers a choice for DIY enthusiasts in a very small town

A family affair, Bricoworld is for DIY families. ©LPB

“Welcome to the world do it yourself “, says the sign of Bricoworldnew store set up in Industrial zone from Montmirailin marlin the immediate vicinity of the buildingsaxon’, a well-known plant. New space for professionalspassionately, home craftsmen and neophytes. As soon as you enter it, you feel a good smell fresh paint. Brand new buildings open a an area specifically dedicated to DIY enthusiasts of all levels. Behind the table Yannick and Aurelie Tissier. Yannick leads us through the store and introduces himself: “It’s me Hardware “. It is the return of this beautiful profession that was unfortunately lost in time and was taken over by big brands.

Free trader

The difference between these brands and Bricoworld is first of all the freedom of the trader. It is not a franchise, but an independent, old-fashioned retailer.

Another advantage of Bricoworld is that you can come here without any knowledge and you will find not only products adapted to your needs, but also professional advice.

Yannick Tissier started his career as a plumber. He knows the business like the back of his hand. Then the craftsman expanded his field of activity by undertaking renovation or construction. He left this job to offer his experience and make it available to those who work.

Professional advice

Solving the task sometimes goes through the lack of good advice from a professional. That time is over because Bricoworld customers will be able to take advantage of expert advice. There is no need to buy unnecessary materials because it will be a custom purchase.

Construction professionals know their way around, but the casual DIYer is always looking for advice, tips, or a solution to a few problems around the house.

A real hardware store

So, of course, when we think of a master, we’ll quickly limit this to a coat of paint. But at Bricoworld, it is much more than that. Of course, there are paints and facade cleaners, but also auto parts, plumbing, electricity, 100% French and organic cleaning products, nails and screws, there’s nothing missing.

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He might miss the gray blouse from the hardware store with pencils of all colors in the pocket and a pencil over the ear, not forgetting the beret, but Yannick Tissier is too fashionable for that. If one accepts professions, old and oh so useful, it is still at the peak of modernity


Bricoworld, 15 rue de la Guinotterie – 51210 Montmirail – Open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.

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