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Pascal Pont switched from plumbing to upholstery.  JDI (FA)

Pascal Pont switched from plumbing to upholstery. JDI (FA)

After spending twenty years as a plumber in Toulouse, it was a health problem that led Pascal’s bridge recycle in upholstery. “I’m a motorcycle enthusiast and have already considered specializing in custom seat covers.” Pascal therefore decides to learn this trade and attends training at a craft school in Revel.

With the support of his friend Stéphanne Couturier, based in the city center, he spent three years collaborating in his studio before settling on the Route de Négrin in his own walls with the sign Makeover Art81. “I specialized in everything related to furniture, armchairs, sofas and tapestries, among other things. The Covid period was difficult, but things are picking up again mainly thanks to word of mouth from my customers, which allows me to increase my activity.” But Pascal does not forget his first passion, he keeps the hope in the corner of his head that he will ride a motorcycle again, sitting on a saddle that he will, of course, adjust himself!

Benjamin Caminati in Albigens jersey.  JDI (Archive)


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