Modern home decoration: tips and tricks

Modern home decoration rhymes with large space, contemporary and aesthetic furniture. Here are some tips and tricks to decorate your interior with elegance and modernity!

Decorating such a house must be done using very modern furniture and accessories and moving towards materials and colors of contemporary design, and luckily for you, there are plenty of choices in this area, which will make your head spin!

Between your budget and your personal taste, it’s easy to get lost and not know what you want to buy or not.

To help you out, we’ve put together some decorating tips that can help you make your home look its best.

The colors you prefer for modern decoration

The colors you can choose vary depending on the room you are going to decorate, it is clear that decorating a teenage room and a living room are not the same!

Know that too being decorated has a certain effect on your moraletherefore, take the time to choose colors precisely, because you will see them on your walls for a long time and you don’t want to regret your choice in the future.

  • For the living room, opt for light tones, especially if you spend a lot of time in this room.
  • For the dining roomopt for warmer tones like brick red or an all-black look to make it more elegant.
  • For bedrooms also, opt for warm colors to provide a cozy and cocooned look for maximum well-being.

And in general, if you have a dark floor, choose lighter colors for the walls to create a contrast effect and bring brightness to your room and give the impression that the space is large. However, if your walls are dark, choose light furniture in shades of white and beige to beautify your room.

By the way white is one of the most commonly used colors in modern homes because it has the ability to enlarge rooms and bring in light. gray and beige are his closest allies. You can also play with textures for example, brick for the kitchen wall, and you can also opt for other types of colored coatings such as marble or some other stone.

Our choices for a modern interior design style

you can give different atmospheres in your home following special decorating styles. These styles will cover colors, upholstery, furniture and decorative accessories.


decor in Scandinavian style

If you decide to Scandinavian decorationyou will combine warmth and elegant functional furniture, the main colors are bright such as white, beige and sky blue, but they are also combined with lighter colors.

In terms of materials, this style is mainly based on alliances of light wood and furniture with simple lines and natural materials that will bring peace to your home. On the Emob furniture website you will find a wide selection of designer furniture at good value for money.


decor in the style of an industrial loft

Industrial style it is also very trendy right now, it gives beautiful volumes and consists of robust furniture.

Inspired lofts in New Yorkthe kitchen of an industrial-style house is usually open to the living room, which is located in the house lots of light thanks to the built-in large glass panels, they are made of aluminum or PVC.

The materials used for this style are primarily raw such as exposed pipes, waxed concrete on the walls and exposed brick.

Complete it all old wardrobes and metal cabinets or tables.

In short: the rules you must follow for successful modern decor!

  • In general, remember that successful home decoration modern times do not necessarily need crazy ideas, they are simple ideas that create harmony in the room and bring life and colors, well avoid furniture that is too large or imposing which lack the elegance we want to bring with modern style.
  • Also opt for large and open spaces : no more dividing walls at every step! Open up your rooms, mix the living room and the kitchen, so that the house is light and airy.
  • Finally, it is recommended that mark the corners by adding accessories like vases or lamps.

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