Occitania. Opening of the Route des Métiers d’Art d’Occitanie in 2022 –

Occitania.  Opening of the Route des Métiers d'Art d'Occitanie 2022 cdr
Occitania. Opening of the Route des Métiers d’Art d’Occitanie in 2022

Committed for a long time to the promotion and support of craft professionals, who contribute to influence and regional appeal, the Chamber of Crafts of Occitanie/Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region (CMAR Occitanie) launches the edition of its Route des 2022 Métiers d’Art.

This year too, the Route des Métiers d’Art d’Occitanie will allow you to discover some of the artistic treasures of our 13 territories. Jewelry, leather goods, cutlery, earthenware, ceramics, engraving, silversmithing, violin making, glass, furniture, paper, textiles or even metalwork (…): choose and build your itinerary à la carte, before going to meeting with talented professionals, custodians of knowledge and experience of excellence deeply rooted in our territories, with a strong heritage and creative content.

Occitania, land of crafts

“This original tourist experience, offered in partnership with the region, shows the dynamism of this economic sector that brings together 4,000 artisans in Occitanie,” specifies Joseph Calvi, president of CMAR Occitanie. “These passionate women and men work every day to preserve and restore heritage and artistic creation”.

Very involved in the defense and promotion of artistic professions, the CMAR Occitanie received the inclusion of the knowledge related to pastel painting in the Pays de Cocagne in the “French Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2021.

In the years to come, CMAR Occitanie aims to develop apprenticeships, one of the pillars of craftsmanship, especially in trades. The goal: to employ more young people on initial training and adults on professional retraining in the CFA network, for training ranging from CAP to Bac +3, combining work, learning and excellence.

Push the door of one of the 350 workshops

Summer is the ideal time to discover art workshops and take the time to talk to these artisans who are passionate about their work. “Mentioning the Route des Métiers d’Art allows me to be one of the ambassadors of our knowledge and experience in Occitania, to introduce the public to history, materials and gestures and to encourage vocations among young people. This route is as touristic, educational as it is cultural,” says Sklaerenn Imbeaud, a master glassmaker in Castres.

To create your itinerary and discover the heritage and cultural riches of each department, check out the digital itinerary.


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