our 6 favorites under 50 euros

Mirror my beautiful mirror... can I find a mirror for less than 50 euros? “The answer is yes! If the price of these decorative items can easily fly away, we have found the most beautiful models for you. classic, baroqueastro… You will find what you are looking for without spending too much.

Cheap mirror: our selection of the most beautiful models for less than 50 euros

We give you a little help to find the mirror of your dreams small budget. Beautify the rooms in your home with original models. Whether it’s months from Scandinavian design or the star model from Decoclioc: astro fashion comes into its own! Also follow the trend wavy with the €50 Etsy mirror: we love its pink color and its designer shape. For fans of more classic decoration, look out for the baroque model from La Redoute or the Maisons du Monde triptych at a price of 48.99 euros.

Cheap mirror: where to find mirrors at low prices?

Golden mirrors or wavy are very tendency, and their success raises their prices! One may wonder where to find cheap models. We advise you to search the Internet in search engines to check the maximum desired price. Then you can contact other hand. Flea markets, for example, are veritable Ali Baba’s caves, but prices for a baroque mirror can remain high. Note that inn antique Louis Philippe style mirror it costs 200 euros on average. Otherwise, there are other possibilities to find the perfect object at a lower price: Le Boncoin, Ebay or Vinted.

Cheap mirror: what are the trends in 2022?

In 2022 mirrors decorative means are important. The trend of old gilded mirrors is not abating. On the floor, on the fireplace or hung on the wall, they give character to any room. We also love the “wavy” wave-shaped models that offer a vintage atmosphere to decorations. Large, oval or rectangular, they enlarge your room thanks to the optical effect of the mirror. Hunt the latest trends without spending too much, why not customize a simple mirror with a DIY guide? … With your brushes!

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