our inspirations for the garden

We choose 100% recycled decoration for furnishing the terrace, balcony or terrace. This new trend, which is economical and respects the environment, will help you to dress up your exterior.

How to decorate your garden with recycling?

Decorate your garden with recycling is child’s play! Use pallets, build a real garden room with armchairs and a table. Do not hesitate to decorate them with pillows and plaid blankets for greater comfort. For your plants, reuse cans to turn them into a pot. All you have to do is paint it in the color you want, nothing complicated!

Why recovery?

You are still hesitant to take the plunge DIY recovery ? You are not likely to regret it. This new trend is both saving. Indeed, all the materials used are recycled and mostly present in your home! So you won’t have to spend a penny. In addition, the items you create will be unique. This way your decoration will be personalized.

Recycling: which item can be transformed?

To make recovery‘ you can use many everyday objects in decoration! Indeed, you very likely have one of these products at home. It is not complicated to give a second life pallets and for wooden boxes ! It will easily turn into a coffee table or garden furniture. Cans are perfect for reuse flower pot for your plants! Want a puff on the terrace? Make one out of a car tire.

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