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The living room is the main room in the house. There we meet with family, lovers or friends to share moments of companionship and relax. Sofa, coffee table, carpet, decoration… everything goes to make this space as pleasant as possible. Here’s how to make it functional and spacious, thanks to these few basic rules.

How to properly arrange the living room?

The decorating the living room it must be successful, but also very studied. start with choose the right furniture : they must not be too imposing. Also consider use all available space, including angles. You can install shelves or some storage adjusted so as not to waste space. Install the big one carpet in a way that structure the space. Also think about lighting : if your living room is not naturally bathed in natural light, opt for Street lights, from pendant lights, from candlesticks, but also night lamps ! Animate the walls with frames, from to cry or even paint arches.

Arrangement of a modern living room: rules

The desire to succeed decorating a modern living room ? here are some rules respect :

  • the furniture it must be easy and purified.
  • Privilege neutral colors : black, white, gray, beige…
  • Decompartmentalize the space enjoy a spacious and bright room.
  • Install canopies for modern and industrial decoration of the living room.

Living room decoration: mistakes to avoid

For successfully decorate the living room, some decorative mistakes should be avoided:

  • have too much furniture : this will only overload the room.
  • Choose only white : the room risks being too cold and charmless.
  • Having a living room that is too dark : invite the light and avoid painting all the walls of the room!
  • Forget decorating the walls : this way you will avoid the room being too cold.

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