Plumbing and new technologies: always more performance

The technological evolution observed during the last decades around the world has affected all existing fields of activity. In order to improve the quality of plumbing work, the sector has taken advantage of new scientific discoveries to equip itself with more efficient equipment than before. Here are some processes and tools derived from new technologies and put to the service of waterworks.

Smart tools for everyday tasks

Several hand tools from the last century were very early replaced by more efficient and simpler tools. This is the case when connecting pipes, draining dirty and drinking water through the pipe network. New technologies have been incorporated into these facilities, which turn them into quality materials that enable the plumber to perform his work efficiently.

Faucets with integrated sensors

Waste of water and energy is one of the recurring problems in the field of water supply. Faucets with integrated sensors are designed to solve this problem. Thanks to the sensors they contain, these faucets can stop the flow of water as soon as the sensors no longer detect human presence. This represents a saving of water and energy to the extent that forgetting to close the tap is solved.

If this faucet provided cold or hot water, the energy used to modify the water would be saved, not wasted. Smart faucets are also an alternative against the problem of faulty faucets. So you no longer have to pray that your faucets will survive the questionable manipulations of your children that lead to constant flooding.

Self-cleaning wash basins and sinks

Self-cleaning sinks and basins are newer technology developed by plumbing professionals. This is a technology that allows you to automatically clean your sink or sink whenever you want. No more wasting time with a sponge and detergent. Hire a professional to install it and press the button to give your sinks and basins a new shine.

Thermostatic mixers

Having water at a constant temperature in the shower is a luxury that not everyone has. With a thermostatic mixer it becomes child’s play. You must have been the victim of a sudden change in water temperature due to the heat in the basement. This very common problem is solved by mixers because they are equipped with technological equipment that constantly recognizes the temperature. As a result, the water is either heated or cooled as it passes through the mixing valve before being ejected.

photovoltaic technology

You are certainly and no doubt tired of the constant opening and closing of the dam to the outside. Photovoltaic technology is the solution to your problems. Professionals skilled in this field are trained to be able to install devices in which photovoltaic innovation is integrated. So your valve will be able to work automatically without any actions on your part. Therefore, saving water and simply flushing the toilet bowl will make your life easier.

Viega ProPress system

Connecting pipes and assembling them into a pipe network becomes very easy with this system. It consists of joining pipes without the use of an open flame as was done by welding a few years ago. By choosing this option, you will save a lot of time and money because you will not have to do the preliminary work of another method or ask for a project permit.

Powerful equipment for difficult examinations and tasks

Technological innovation is not only in the automation of certain tasks assigned to plumbing equipment. Other equipment has been improved with technology for optimal operation during inspections and repairs of water installations.

Camera for your hydraulic pipes

Can’t tell exactly what’s blocking your pipes or what level your basement leak is? Hydraulic Line Camera is the tool for you. It has become indispensable for inspections of pipes and tubes on construction sites or in homes.

Thanks to its impermeability, it can provide you with precise and valuable images of the condition of the pipe network. In plumbing, it is a necessary piece of equipment that greatly simplifies the life of a specialist who knows how to use it and who owns it.

High-pressure deblocker for clogged pipes

It is also called the Karcher deblocker, and it replaces the snake that is traditionally used to remove blockages. As you can imagine, it uses water pressure to unclog any type of drain in no time.

For a Belgian company Sd Unclogging who worked on deblocking in Namur for several years, the high-pressure deblocker is a revolution in the field of deblocking, above all because it avoids the energy consumption shown by deblocking craftsmen. It is also environmentally friendly and can be reused in any situation. Mud, sediment, objects and piles of grease or stone, everything is able to evacuate.

Toolbox for handling metal parts

A good plumber must always travel with his toolbox in good condition containing high performance items. This is why technological evolution has improved simple clamps, nuts, the quality of pipes and other welding equipment. Simple PVC pipes have mostly been replaced by more efficient galvanized pipes.

With the crimping pliers, you can now clamp any water pipe. Also, the deburrer is designed to perfect the finish of the mechanical parts and make them resistant and durable. Other equipment such as lasers, benders, core drills and screw cutters have been upgraded to have a clean finish and solid performance.

In short, technology is increasingly facilitating the installation, repair and renovation of plumbing installations. Repairs become easier and less time-consuming thanks to technological innovations.

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