Plumbing: do it yourself or call a professional?

07:39 – August 30, 2022

Plumbing: do it yourself or call a professional?

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It’s hard to improvise as a plumber. However, if you are dexterous and logical, it is possible to do some basic work yourself. But when the going gets tough, it’s best to call in a professional.

EDoing your own plumbing work is often tempting, whether you’re a tenant or an owner.

The idea is to save time, save money of course, and sometimes to prove to yourself that you are ultimately no less a master than others…

A feeling that’s all the more legitimate since they can be repairs or installations that seem easy to do… like replacing worn out gaskets in a bathtub, unclogging a kitchen sink, fixing a toilet flusher that’s been running for weeks, or replacing sink faucets.

Delicate work

Regardless of the intended intervention and regardless of your knowledge, remember that you must first cut off the water supply to the device in question, and ideally the general power supply to your house or apartment.

The goal is clearly to work calmly and meticulously, avoiding any mishandling that would flood your home or even neighboring homes. Any serious plumber takes this precaution.

With the difference that this specialist intervenes on any type of installation or repair project.

So, when you have to face a large and sudden water leak, when you want to install a hot water tank, divert a pipe or even design a bathroom that meets drainage and safety standards, give up risky gestures and leave your multipurpose keys to contact the nearest plumber without delay!

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