Plumbing, electricity…: this is why the prices of your works are rising, we tell you everything

Works: The geopolitical situation behind the price hike

Works: If artisans are often forced to raise their prices, it is because they are putting much more money on their side for supplies. Raw material prices are rising. Therefore, it is impossible for them to survive without this increase. Fatah, a plumber-plasterer, talks about a situation that is all the more difficult because not only are prices rising, but they are also very unstable:

We can no longer commit to prices. We no longer have fixed prices for raw materials. One day we go to our suppliers, and the next day we don’t even know what prices we will find. And again, when we are not told about the deficit that is coming…. “, explains the one who has been in this sector for more than ten years, without ever being a victim of such a situation.

As Jean-Christophe Repon, president of the Confederation of Crafts and Small Construction Companies (CAPEB) explains to World of Craftsmen, this situation is due to ” economic and geopolitical context“. This last one” remains a source of great concern for artisanal construction companies. They, like many others, are affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine, especially in terms of supplies and prices.“.

Works: Big increases in service prices

The average recorded in the first four months of 2022 shows a clear and distinct increase. ” The most significant increase was recorded in carpentry-locksmithing (+21.5%), followed by masonry (+19.4%), roofing-plumbing-heating (+17%) and furnishing-decoration-plastering and electricity (+16.4%).“.

However, craftsmen do not earn better. This is what Fatah explains: Without more profit, my offers are 30 to 40% more expensive“. In addition, he does not forget to point out that the balance on his accounts is negatively affected by the increase in fuel prices: ” The big guys always manage to negotiate their stock, but the independents pay a high price. »

Inflation: solutions offered by the state to fight inflation

Due to inflation, the French would currently lack (according to the research average) 490 euros to make ends meet. A large sum that proves how difficult (even impossible) the situation is for millions of people in France.

The state must therefore provide assistance to help the most vulnerable through this period of crisis, inherited by covid-19 and burdened by the war in Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron’s government appears to have begun scrapping the contribution to France’s audiovisual industry, the €138 tax that people with televisions pay every year :

This year, the contribution to public broadcasting will be permanently abolished, and the financing of public broadcasting will be ensured in accordance with the constitutional goal of pluralism and media independence. “, states the Government, in the transcription of the announcement of the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire on the occasion of the Council of Ministers.

Works: Currently, a discount of 15 to 18 cents applies as soon as drivers come to the pump. However, this aid is withdrawn from July 31. It will be replaced by assistance that is designed to be fairer and that will concern only those who drive the most.

In addition, a check in the amount of 60 euros is planned to be sent to households most affected by inflation. He would pay for his groceries.

Today, the hopes of a part of the population rest on the parliamentary elections. In fact, the candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon exceeded several hundred thousand votes in the second round. The left has therefore united (better late than never), so the party has the most seats among representatives. If this happens, then the government will be in cohabitation, which means that the president and the prime minister do not belong to the same political party.

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