redecorate your living room for the start of the school year!

The beginning of the school year, gives us a breath of fresh air. Follow this movement and renew the decor your interior. Why not start with your living room, one of the central parts of your home. Take advantage of this moment and find new decorative items from the Maisons du Monde collection.

Maisons du Monde: redecorate your living room for the start of the school year

The living room is the central room of the house, where we meet with family or friends. Highlight it with new designer furniture Houses of the world. Admire the velvet purses that match the sofa and other seats. Decorate everything together with a bench and a gilded marble chair. Add a few jungle themed pillows to enhance it decor with a touch of originality.

Maisons du Monde: home decoration trends for the new season

In this new school year 2022, we highlight deep colors such as duck blue, green and purple. We love warm fabrics like velvet, padded forms. As far as materials are concerned, bet on brass, gilding and marble. Patterns, on the other hand, remind us of nature. The jungle style returns with landscapes and animal prints.

Maisons du Monde: back to school with decorative items on sale -50%

Take advantage of offers up to -50% on a wide range of items up to September 11. These low prices are an opportunity to rethink your decoration. Look out for lots of lights, bedding, sofas, decorations and table accessories. At Maisons du Monde, find small decorative items that will beautify your interior to begin with the beginning of the school year in a good place!

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