refresh the entrance with these original ideas for furniture and accessories

Today we will talk about the original decoration of coat hangers! No, it’s not the pretty painted wall hooks with children’s names that you see in kindergarten. The rack for outerwear and hats that we all have in our entryways will attract attention. How to make that corner of the house as beautiful as it is practical with the right furniture and accessories? It’s up to you to discover the answers in the gallery of inspiring images below and the helpful information that accompanies them!

The interior entrance or hallway is one of those spaces whose decorative potential is rarely seen. They are often considered purely functional and settle for one or two pieces of mass-produced furniture and a mirror. However, it turned out that the shoe storage and the coat rack can also be very decorative. Rest assured, you don’t have to sacrifice practicality…

Decorative Coat Rack: Increase texture and color

coat rack decorating ideas home laundry room stained wood furniture

Decorating a coat rack begins with the right choice of furniture for the entrance or hallway. Obviously, the first thing to consider is functionality. It goes without saying that our goal is to find a piece of furniture that is big enough to fit all of our things. At the same time, it must not be too bulky because there is a danger of completely suffocating the already limited space (in most cases).

decoration front house door coat on foot furniture with benches baskets

Then special attention is paid to texture and color. In this sense, there are no strict rules, but one’s own intuition and personal preferences are trusted. Of course, we have to consider the color of the walls, the lack or presence of windows and light fixtures, etc. In the end, it all has to work well, regardless of your preferred decorating style.

a bench, a storage closet in the hallway with a coat hanger

Did you know that there are green plants that you can put in the hallway even when it is very dark? Nothing better as a wall hanging decoration than beautiful indoor plants that add color and texture at the same time and can clean the air at the same time! Here are a few more good examples of harmonious design that caught our eye:

Decoration for coat hangers in gray, light wood pegs, felt and kilim baskets

decoration coat rack house kilim wooden coat hooks felt baskets

The white wall color perfectly emphasizes the texture of the raw bench and baskets and the color of the pillows

decoration home coat rack storage baskets bench cushions

An attractive contrast between the blue background and natural wood, complemented by decorations in vintage items

coat rack furniture with natural wood trim for benches old items

ideas for decorating a wall hanging with or without a bench

coat rack decoration country style house chic vintage items

In case you don’t have enough space to place a large storage unit in the hallway or entrance, a wall hook with a simple design (with or without a small bench for storing shoes) can be the solution. perfect solution. The decoration of the coat rack always matches the overall style of the space. In the example above, we advocate country chic through raw wood, wrought iron, straw, wicker and old glass.

original ideas decoration corner coat hanger chic house pink coat hook

Of course, if rustic style isn’t your style, there are dozens of alternative coat hanger decorating options. For example, how about this candy pink wall hook? It looks absolutely fantastic, doesn’t it? And it has a small coat for some small decorative items! A mirror with rounded corners and a brass frame ideally completes the overall design and makes it even more chic.

Photo frame hanger decoration idea for rustic chic lovers

rustic chic home coat rack decorating ideas photo frames

A simple coat rack accompanied by an entry bench decorated with faux fur, baskets and patterned cushions

decoration coat hanger faux fur house bench baskets pegs

White brick cladding, old objects and raw wood for industrial coat hanger decoration

industrial chic style home decorations coat rack vintage items

coat rack on leg teepee house how to make decorating ideas

We’ve mostly talked about hallway furniture and wall hooks, but freestanding coat racks look just as attractive. From the classic parrot to the contemporary teepee on a tripod, they are suitable for many stylistic interpretations, which means they can complement the entrance to any home. Even better, you can make such a useful and decorative item yourself and it’s not rocket science at all! You will need a 3 x 1.2m long wooden post, a pencil and ruler, a drill, 3 x 45mm wood screws and a leather strip. Here’s a short video showing how to do it:

You can also paint or otherwise decorate your most fascinating creation

coat hanger-diy-pinterest-decoration-diy

A round hanging mirror and a coat rack on a tripod match perfectly and decorate the entrance

decoration entrance house door coat on foot teepee tripod round mirror

Other ideas for decorating wall coat hangers that you can make yourself

homemade wall coat rack make your own wooden pallets

A magnificent idea with hooks of mismatched shapes and colors that puts you in a good mood right from the front door!

wall coat rack diy coat hook decorating ideas paint

How to reproduce the spirit of a cabin by the sea using an oar as support

decoration home coat rack style nautical chic sailor oar

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