Route des Métiers d’Art in Occitanie: 450 skills to discover, including 49 between the Aude and the Pyrénées-Orientales

Organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts of Occitanie (CMA) in partnership with the Region, the 22nd edition of La Route des Métiers d’Art takes place during the summer in thirteen departments. Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales alone have 49 addresses open for tourist and heritage visits.

“This original tourist experience shows the dynamics of this economic sector that brings together 4,000 artisans in Occitania”, reminds the president of the regional Chamber of Crafts, Joseph Calvi. Also emphasizing that last year the CMA of Occitanie obtained the inclusion of the knowledge related to pastel dyeing in the Pays de Cocagne in the “French intangible cultural heritage”.

4,000 regional craftsmen

These skills, highlighted during the summer, also carry economic weight as the CMA lists around 4,000 artisans in the region. This year, the Route des Métiers d’art identified 32 artisans in the Aude and 17 in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Ceramicists, violin makers, glasses makers, cutters, gunsmiths, paper makers, felt makers, carpenters, restorers… It is also an opportunity to discover sometimes unsuspected professions.

Artisans from the region open their workshops.
The Independent – NATHALIE AMEN WALS

32 addresses in Aude, 17 in Pyrénées-Orientales

Among the 32 artisans who open their doors in Aude, model maker Frédérique Caquot in Castelnaudary, expert in her workshop “Le Fil et l’Epée” of historical costumes “from antiquity to modernity”the paper maker André Durand who uses a paper factory in Brousse-et-Villaret, the felt maker in Fa, Sigrid-Solveig Pasquer, works by hand on seamless felted wool clothing or even Stéphane Villion, the designer of concrete furniture in Mirepeisset.

In the Pyrénées-Orientales, the stained glass artists from the “Bulle de Verre” workshop, in Arles-sur-Tech honor the orders of architects and public or private sponsors, the wax artists Solange and Claude Marty, make candles and candles without molds, in Rivesaltes, the restorer of paintings Stéphanie Hermann she also made her workshop in Perpignan an exhibition hall for contemporary works, the textile workshop Agnès Calas, in Baixas, offers superior weavings of linen, silk, wool for decoration.
All workshops are open this summer on the website:

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