Samson initiates a new dynamic on the Ile de Ré

Specializing in the fields of air conditioning, heating and plumbing, Samson has been equipping individuals and professionals since 1998. He wants to breathe new life into his agency in Saint-Martin de Ré. Meeting with Sonja Demoulin, general director.

Ré à la Hune: Is Samson Chill and Air Conditioning still a family business?

Sonia Demoulin : What could be more family-oriented than having two of our children with us… well yes, the company was created 25 years ago in Aytré by Benoit Samson, who also opened an agency 12 years ago on the island of Re. Two years ago, he entrusted me with its general management, in order to optimize its organization and development. After an in-depth review, we defined the strategy, both with individuals and with experts. The maintenance and revitalization of the Ile de Ré branch is the result of a joint choice with the aim of ensuring proximity to the Rétais market.

What are Samson’s main areas of expertise?

Samson, air conditioning, heating and plumbing, offers its knowledge and experience in the field of air/air heat pumps: reversible air conditioner, air/water heat pump, water/water heat pump, floor heating, pool heating pump, dehumidifier, purifier…

As a result, we have developed our project office, which enables the creation of a conceptual project (dimensioning, feasibility, calculation according to the RT 2020 standard), installation of new and renovated equipment as well as site supervision.

We provide a quick response, 5 days a week, all year round.

Why did you decide to settle on the Ile de Ré and the dedicated team?

It is a specific territory, which Benoit Samson knows very well and for which he wanted to be closer. This location in Saint-Martin allows us to be closer to our individual customers. Therefore, the team dedicated to Ile de Ré is composed of several professionals in the business, all overseen by operational and general management.

Samson employs 69 people. We recruit and train many apprentices who join the company at the end of their apprenticeship. We have had competent and loyal teams for years.

Where do you stand in terms of quality and with which brands do you cooperate?

We are positioned at the top of the range, both in terms of equipment and service. We work with safe values, suppliers and privileged international and national partners.

What are the other benefits of Samson?

Samson is also capable of creating performance halls such as cinemas, hotels, large restaurants, etc…

We always have a very large stock of equipment, stored in our premises, which allows us to fulfill the order very quickly, after signing the offers. We work with technicians who have been trained by us, thanks to a real training policy, which Ms. Falchi Stéphanie, HR Director, ensures through very strict recruitment.

Of course, we operate throughout Charente-Maritime, but also throughout France, upon request.

Samson is also a possibility to equip hotels and performance halls

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