Self-service in the Pollestres school canteen: a successful bet!

This summer, major works were carried out in the school dining hall. There is no more service at the table, but self-service, which enables the learning of autonomy and the fight against waste in primary schools. ‍

It’s a great way to introduce children to autonomy, starting from elementary school. Knowing how to put together a balanced meal, distinguish between wants and needs, avoid waste… so much learning that will be useful for children. And when the older ones leave elementary school, they will already be prepared for that practice at college. But don’t worry, the staff will always be there to help the children on a daily basis. ‍

This implementation required a rethinking of the work organization. Mayor Jean-Charles Moriconi explains: “It was one of our pre-election commitments and we implemented it as soon as the situation allowed. The works, which cost 78,564 euros, were all entrusted to local companies: project management, water supply, electricity, procurement of furniture and equipment (platforms, etc.) ) Despite the costs and the increase in costs and raw materials, and in the context of growing uncertainty, we decided not to increase the prices of meals, i.e. €3.80 per meal.

Delighted children

In terms of logistics, the organization was redesigned and work was redistributed. Fanny, manager in the school canteen, confides: “It’s more about the team’s preparation. But we need to pick up the rhythm, we’ll adapt and then the kids are happy and that’s the most important thing!”.

As for the students, the satisfaction is 100%. Layna loves it “because there are more choices”. Sasha, Amaury, Lionel and Cameron are also full of praise. Mrs. Levy, 1st assistant in charge of school life, points out that this type of service is more adapted to the child’s rhythm: “Everyone can eat at their own pace, children can choose which dish to start with, they are free and that’s what we wanted: autonomy. They spend less time waiting, table service is necessarily longer. This saves time, which can sometimes reach half an hour . This allows children to make better use of the 6 areas of activity offered by the animators during their vacation.”

Table service

Table service continues for kindergarten students. Students in the Grande department will begin using self-service at the end of the year. The school’s UEMA class, which has 7 autistic children, also retains table service. The mayor, elected officials, the general director of services and Mrs. Giraud, head of the service for children and youth, tested the self-service. Lunch in the middle of the children, which confirmed the perfect success of this new device.

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