Successful landscaping: our advice

The layout of the space, the mixing of colors, the association of different materials, all this is not always very simple. The editors give you the basic rules for decoration, for a top-quality interior!

How to decorate your home beautifully?

For good successful interior design, it is necessary to keep in mind the basic principles of decoration. You want increase space ? Then it is necessary to bet on bright colors. Opt for white or beige, your room will seem bigger than it is! In order to optimize your space as much as possible, do not overload the room. Rather one clean and minimalist decoration. It is possible to mix several colors, but not more than three! Indeed, a mixture of several incompatible colors could ruin your decoration.

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What are the different styles of interior design?

In interior design there is something for all tastes and styles! To turn your house into a relaxing and soothing cocoon, we opt instead for cocooning or cozy decoration. Breathing country air into your interior is a trend country chic to orient ourselves. For globetrotters, we imitate the exteriors of the most beautiful destinations. Decoration in the picture Cycladesfrom Andalusia or even Moroccan riadsthere is something for everyone.

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How to make a cocooning decoration?

Do you want to adopt cocooning ornament in your home? It’s very simple! Choose soft and bright colors. White, beige or taupe will be perfect. In order to warm your interior, do not hesitate to opt for terracotta, this is the current trend. As for lights, multiply the small lights and fairy lights create a pleasant atmosphere. Finally, let’s not forget the plants! Adding plants will give your decoration an authentic and natural look.

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