The company Orti-Labessouille opens the first waterworks museum

the important thing
The company “des” Richard Orti changed hands, but not the spirit with Arnaud and Mathieu Labessouille. It is developing rapidly, ranging from 5 to 20 employees, with more accessible space and original space intended for the profession of plumber-heater.

In the absence of a similar structure elsewhere in France, the Museum of Plumbers created on the premises of the Orti-Labessouille company, now located on avenue d’Albi, is the first in France.

This unprecedented approach was welcomed by numerous visitors, partners and customers this Saturday, as part of the inauguration of the new premises of SARL, which has been run together for four years by brothers Arnaud and Mathieu Labessouille.

A new story told by a new family at the service of a brand specialized in heating, sanitation, renewable energy sources, air conditioning, repairs, galvanizing works. Because Patrice Labessouille, the father, participates in his development: “I am very proud of my sons. They broke through, I’m following them. They are dragging the company down! ” Their mother Brigitte does not interfere in the work, but is happy to witness this success: “It is complicated to work with a family, I was afraid of that at first. Finally, everything is going well, I am a happy mother. »

Tour accompanied by employees

In this professional adventure, Mathieu feels relaxed: “Today, after four years, things have developed a lot, we had to reposition ourselves to develop the company and I moved from the field to management. In the era of energy transition, this inaugural day was dedicated to customers and wanted to reward employees: “It is a source of pride to have a team in place, young people who want to work and are passionate about their profession”, assures Arnaud Labessouille.

On Saturday, all the staff enthusiastically carried out the mission entrusted to them, including leading a visit to the museum with Jeoffrey, Jules and… the aptly named Mario Moreira! Employed a little over two years ago, his name sticks to your skin when you know that the most famous plumber in the world, Mario Bross, has become the company’s mascot!

The idea of ​​creating the Plumbing Museum was obvious some time before the move: “Since 1949, the Orti company has stored tools in good condition, it would be a shame to leave them in a corner,” confides Arnaud.

According to the customers who were present on Saturday, like Claude, the museum is a treasure that needs to be shown: “It’s great, I came primarily for that, I fiddle around a lot, it’s super interesting.” But I also appreciate the seriousness, the atmosphere, the company’s staff! So the 2 CV minivan replica recalls the company’s first utility program before it unveiled the 1949 supercharger, the ancestor of the combustion tester. Furthermore, many tools used for faucet or lead drilling, old brass valves, sinks including beautiful ceramic pieces. On the walls, a 1972 Castres plan for relocation or a bank plan as part of a development project. The museum is full of objects brought back to life from the past, such as scissors for cutting zinc, the first air conditioner from 1970, account books from 1928, advertisements, invoices… This boiler, which has evolved over time, is also surprising: first adapted to coal, then oil and finally gas. – It’s really nice to show these objects to the public – says Mario. It’s still a pleasure to be able to share all of this. »

This first opening of the Plumbing Museum was dedicated to customers and partners of the Orti-Labessouille brand, which plans to open it soon for schoolchildren and citizens.

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