The Elysée, the Assembly, the Senate… Astronomical calculations of the places of power in France

“End of abundance”, “obviousness” and “recklessness” … This formula of Emmanuel Macron was launched at the end of August in the Council of Ministers. Thus, RTL investigated the energy consumption of the Elysée Palace, but also of other places of power, Matignon, the National Assembly or even the Senate, and we discovered astronomical calculations. It’s very simple: all the places of power in France are energy sieves.

Head to 55 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Champs-Élysées, its gilding, the Republican Guard, but also its squeaky parquet floors and poorly insulated walls. The amount of heating and electricity bills in 2020 amounts to more than 750,000 euros. Magazine Tomorrow reveals to us that if Elisha were to undergo an energy diagnosis, her rating would be E, on a scale from A to G.

The problem with Elisha is the same as with all historical monuments: everything there is dilapidated. We dissected the recent report of the Court of Auditors, the electrical network and water supply are outdated, the kitchens are not up to standard and all this causes significant energy losses.

Same observation with Matignon?

For the Hotel de Matignon, the Prime Minister’s residence, it is even worse. For the record, Francois Fillon often refused to sleep there because of the humidity. Jean Castex had the windows from another time replaced with double glazing and had a well dug in the garden to supply Matignon and saved money.

As for the National Assembly and the Senate, the numbers are incredible. At the assembly, 3.5 million euros it was spent last year for heating, electricity and water. Sometimes we witnessed deviations: the air conditioner on full blast, with the doors and windows open in the middle of summer.

The air conditioning and heating work well in the Senate as well. almost HRK 1.5 million spent on electricity and gas, add to that 150,000 euros for water, especially for watering the Luxembourg gardens. Senate President Gérard Larcher has promised energy sobriety measures from next month.

Desire for change

At the top of the state, there is a real desire to reduce consumption. Elysée launched a business worth 37 million euros. One example among many: replacing two oil boilers with gas ones. The presidency is also studying an aquathermal project that relies on the heat of underground water. In addition, CO2 Élysée emissions can drop by 80%. And then halogen lamps were replaced by LED lamps in the National Assembly.

But regardless of the millions spent to restore these buildings that are part of our heritage, energy consumption will always be there much larger than in new buildings and standards. “Let’s put an end to the palaces of the Republic,” recently condemned Bruno Le Maire. The Minister of Economy proposes that all members of the Government install new and less energy-efficient buildings. Emmanuel Macron does not want to hear about it, the head of state lives in the Elysée.

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