the keys to a “happy” home

For interior designer Estelle Quilici, being comfortable at home means being comfortable in yourself, because every successful decoration looks like us. A lively and sensitive approach that she outlines in her book Decoration of emotions.

Miss Figaro. – What is an interior that resembles its owner?
Estelle Quilici. – For me, there is no good taste in the house, there is really only truth, honesty. An interior that suits its owner is therefore an interior in accordance with the moment of life. The choice of materials, colors, floor plan, of course, must be in accordance with emotions. Placing a bathtub in the bedroom, knocking down the partition for the open kitchen, choosing a dominant color in the bedroom reflects the actual functioning of the home, thus a set of emotions. Respecting them is especially important because today, and especially after detention, our main or secondary residence is our main refuge. We have become aware of its value in terms of well-being. That’s why we cherish practicality, but also beauty, more than ever. And we realized, during that period, that our inner…

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