Tower of Fantasy is launching a new raid, player housing, and a new map to explore in the artificial island update.

The latest Tower of Fantasy update is available. Artificial Island, update 1.5 adds a new map, new content, some events and a home mode, which allows you to build your base, a view of the player’s housing with the ability to decorate and customize it. personalize it.

This is the first major update since launch, and Tower of Fantasy has added new content, new gameplay elements, new bosses and more. You’ll be able to explore the island once you reach level 50 and face new bosses, including the Inter-Dimensional Frost Dragon.

If you’ve played Tower of Fantasy, you’ve come to expect some of these big challenges. The update also adds an 8-player co-op raid, adding multiplayer content to the shared world. When the update was released, we already talked about content portals and gacha items. This can extend what’s available to play at any given time until there are further updates, and now we’ve reached the first major content update. It’s possible that with more content these items will become less necessary, but Tower of Fantasy is still fairly new,

There are new quests to complete and of course new characters to add to your roster. You’ll want to check out the new events in the game.

One of the other major features of this update is the house system, which allows you to build your base. You will be able to get your own house and start decorating it to your liking. Getting your own space in the new update is one way to make things a little more personalized (and maybe open up the possibilities for more cosmetics).

This is a major update, and it’s only the first major update. As such, there are also a few events to mark the event, including one that might allow you to draw the newly added Claudia.

To learn more about this update, head over to Tower of Fantasy.

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