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Bunk beds with 3 seats are an essential element for decorating children’s rooms. Comfortable and very playful, therefore they have numerous advantages for children and adults. Using this furniture makes the layout easier and saves as much space as possible. Here are some key benefits of using 3-person bunk beds in your vacation homes or rentals.

Save space in the bedroom with three-seater bunk beds

A three-seater bunk bed has many advantages when it comes to saving space in the bedroom. Indeed, they become more practical and allow to increase the area available on the ground for vertical layout. These pieces of furniture allow you to have several options when designing or decorating a children’s room. For example, you can add a small table, shelf or storage drawer to the bed.

It is also possible to consider the height of the bunk bed to provide a fun environment for the children. Some types of such furniture can have the form of a mezzanine. In this case, the lower bed can be transformed into a couch where your children can receive their friends. They are an ideal solution for large families or short vacations.

Provide a playground for children in the holiday home

Three-seater bunk beds are preferred by most of the youngest because of their playful side. With a little imagination, this piece of furniture can play other roles besides being used as a bed. Manufacturing companies are constantly thinking about creating more and more interesting models. For example, some types of 3-person bunk beds are built to represent safes or cabins.

As such, they are a peaceful and fun space where your children can let their imagination run wild. They can create their own universe and invite their friends to play or relax there. Bunk beds with 3 seats strengthen the bond between children and facilitate communication. They spend the evening telling each other stories and listening to good music.

Choosing the right triple bunk bed brings safety and comfort

Choosing a bunk bed is a decisive factor for the well-being and comfort of the youngest. Therefore, it is important to consider the following selection criteria:

  • volume of furniture: you must ensure that there is sufficient height under the ceiling to place a bunk bed;
  • the distance between the ceiling and the mattress topper should be at least 60 cm. This prevents the youngest from hitting their head while sitting.

Safety standards NF EN 747-1 and NF EN 747-2 must be observed. They require companies to install safety barriers to prevent falls. It is also desirable to opt for an ecological wooden children’s bed that respects health and nature.

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