What is the future of the damaged buildings in Sap-en-Auge?

The fire occurred on August 24, 2020
The fire occurred on August 24, 2020. ©Le Réveil Normand

On several occasions, the elected officials of Sap-en-Auge (Orne) met with the owners of the buildings next to the town hall and their insurers, after the fire of August 24, 2020.

The future of damaged buildings in the game

“The discussions allowed everyone to express themselves, and especially the insurers to officially inform us about the amounts that could be paid out to the owners of the damaged buildings”​, reports the mayor, Gerard Rose.

Without creating a specific project (in this case it is necessary to choose an architect, with estimated costs between €80,000 and €100,000), the insurers could approve a lump sum of €670,000 from which part of their fees would come. If the project is not realized, the insurers propose another tarpaulin for water protection, for another two years.

Gerard Rose

Considering market price which are carried out in the city center (€250 per usable m²), the following proposal was made: 54,750 euros for a building used by an antique dealer, 18,750 euros for the second building, i 31,500 euros for the building where the notary’s office is located. A total of 105,000 euros.

Three owners responded negatively to this proposal.

Gerard Rose

The next meeting with experts is scheduled for September 23 and for the continuation of negotiations on a possible project, the opinion of the municipal council is important.

“What will happen to these damaged buildings? Does our community have the means to embark on a project at N + 3 or + 4? With the uncertainty of funding from the state, Europe and the region? » The management decides to stick with the proposal of €250 for M2.

Other files of the day

The Council decides to abandon the management of the relationship spatial rights for non-sedentary market traders. The departmental treasury will now be in charge of this management.

The question was asked about the building that houses the town hall of the historic city d’Orville : sale or rehabilitation? In the event that a decision on rehabilitation is made, bids have been received. For information: coverage, 31,840 euros ; water system, 7,698 euros ; images, 14,595 euros ; current, 16,600 euros ; joinery, 43,400 euros ; sanitation, 11,340 eurosIt is : 125,473 euros. If it works, this would be over for January/February 2023after the tender announced at the end of September.

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Here is a report on the price and quality of the collective cleaning service: 29,624 m3 were processed in 2021, the number of subscribers is 350. Rejected loads are in accordance with legal regulations, the capacity of the station is 1,200 equivalent/inhabitant, 878 are connected. The length is 7.02 km. The price per M3 is €2.90 instead of €2.85. The total income for the community is €36,000 and €43,600 for the operator.

Évelyne James, Deputy Mayor, in charge of the address file, presents two bids for the supply and installation of street signs and signs. l’Ameline company is retained for the amount of €15,437 for procurement and €5,480 for installation (101 panels).

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