What kind of furniture to store your shoes?

The advantages of installing a shoe storage cabinet in your home

Shoes are fashion accessories in themselves. Various famous brands are constantly offering new collections to seduce you. As a result, every time you find a pair that suits your taste, you are tempted to buy it. Then a big concern arises: how to organize and store all your pairs of shoes without cluttering up the living space? If before these accessories were often placed under the bed, now it is possible to use a storage room specially designed for this purpose. Several manufacturers offer unique furniture that combines practicality and design, including a shoe bench. The latter is now necessary if you want to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Better space saving

If you live in a studio or a small apartment, storing your shoes in a specific piece of furniture like a shoe bench will help you better optimize the space. Indeed, they will no longer be scattered all over the rooms.

  • Better time saving

Without good organization, finding a pair of shoes to wear can quickly become a real daily headache. By storing each pair by category and order of priority in the appropriate piece of furniture, you will save more time. Then you will be able to enjoy your days better.

  • A way to maintain the quality of your shoes

In addition to convenience, shoe storage cabinets also help you protect them from dust and moisture. Your favorite pairs will be better preserved and you will be able to wear them for many years. Since it will no longer accumulate, you no longer risk finding scratches on your leather boots or lounges.

The selection of furniture for storing shoes must be made according to several criteria. First of all, it is important to choose a modern model that is in harmony with your interior design. Apart from aesthetics, you also need to choose the right size of shoe bench. To do this, determine its location in advance. If you plan to use it near the front door or in the hallway, a small piece of furniture will be more than enough. For a large wardrobe, you can bet on the XXL storage. And if you plan to use your shoe bench as a seat at the foot of the bed, you should opt for the same length.

Which shoe shelf to choose?

On the Amazon page you will find several models of shoe benches. As it is not easy to make a choice among the multitude of available offers, the editors have chosen the most interesting models. You just need to choose the one that best suits your needs as well as your personal taste.

Our choice: wooden shoe bench with 2 niches

This one shoe bench from ‎HOMCOM is our favorite. Its vintage design and original shape particularly caught our attention. This piece of furniture is made of impact- and weather-resistant wood. Of course, provided that it is well maintained. Its manufacturers decided to keep the natural color of the pine. In an elegant brown color, it will beautify your room without any effort. You can place it near the entrance, in the hallway or in your bedroom. Discreet, not likely to create a mess. On the contrary, it will bring a real plus to your interior design. This shoe bench is equipped with 2 niches and a cabinet door that allows you to store several pairs.

Comfortable bench for shoes

This one bench with foam padded cushion is a solution that we have specially chosen if you often have problems with shoes. You will no longer have to squat and you will no longer risk back pain. All you have to do is choose your shoes, get comfortable in your seat and enjoy this little privileged moment every day. This piece of furniture is made of chipboard. Its 10 compartments will help you organize your pairs of shoes in an ingenious way. They can fit your entire collection (sneakers, lounge shoes, boots, moccasins, etc.) up to size 44. This model is ideal for wardrobes and bed legs.

Industrial style shoe bench

Decorations with an industrial spirit are increasingly popular in interiors. If you want to improve this style, don’t hesitate to choose this shoe storage cabinet VASAGLE. We love it for its rustic design and beautiful finishes. It is made of wood and steel. Its brown color will be perfect for creating a warm atmosphere in your home. This shoe bench will easily find its place in every room of your home. Users often place it in their bathroom or bedroom. With its dimensions (80 x 30 x 48 cm) and shape, it will satisfy both small and large houses.

Bamboo shoe bench

We also recommend SoBuy shoe bench. This model stands out for its wooden construction material and bamboo doors. Equipped with several compartments, it allows you to store all pairs of shoes by category. Its large bench with a comfortable seat will make your everyday life even more comfortable. Indeed, you can put on shoes easily and without breaking your back. This shoe storage cabinet is perfect for the entryway. But you can place it in any corner of your home. It will beautify your space and bring more originality to your interior.

Bench for shoes in the hallway

If you have a small space, the solution is this model specially designed for entrances and corridors. It will help you save space while adding a modern decorative element to your living space. The design of this one shoe rack especially attracts us. It has a cushioned seat, three levels that can fit several pairs and a small closed cabinet where you can carefully store your favorite shoes. It is also equipped with several detachable compartments for varnishes and brushes. The dimensions of this shoe bench are 100 x 30 x 46 cm.

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