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Fall Winter 2022 Decorating Trends 2022: What Are the Decorating Trends and Design Styles for Fall 2022? With fall fast approaching, you’re ready to give your home a makeover! Today, we’re going to share the top fall decorating trends and design styles for 2022, along with affordable seasonal decorations and ideas. If you’re in the mood to start shopping for home decor, now is the perfect time to find on-trend items that will ease your home’s transition from summer to fall.

Decoration trend autumn winter 2022 2022: a mix of textured fabrics in pastel, soft and earth tones

autumn winter 2022 decoration trend 2022 pastel beige

When is the best time for fall decorating? Spotting fall decorating trends should start in late August or early September, but you usually never get too excited about fall decorating until the weather cools down a bit—or at least on the first day of fall.

Elegant yet exotic decor?

decorating trends autumn winter 2022

Whenever you decide to start decorating, you’ll find it easy to add a touch of fall style to your home. Simply apply warmer, richer colors and include some fall accents in a variety of textures to quickly transition your home from summer to fall.

Keys with very bright tones

pumpkin mystical exotic patterns

While summer home decor trends focused on a light organic feel, this year’s fall home decor trends revolve around interesting shapes, warm neutral tones and luxurious textures.

Between summer and autumn

sleek interior full of pictures

As you scroll through the fall decorating trends below, instead of feeling like you have to embrace the whole trend, think about how you can incorporate elements from the space that you like—whether it’s a certain color, element, look, or feel.

Built-in elements that attract color, appearance or feel

brown beige white decoration

Above all, don’t worry about decorating your home in a certain style. Because decorating trends are constantly changing, we no longer have to adhere to a narrowly focused aesthetic, such as modern, coastal, traditional, farmhouse, or mid-century modern. The goal should be to put together an organized mix of pieces that perfectly reflect you, your lifestyle and what you love.

Clean geometry, curves and material that comes directly from nature

minimalist decor autumn 2022

The natural beauty of wood creates a pleasant and soothing environment for autumn. And with the growing desire for brighter, airier spaces, wood adds a much-needed grounding effect. Neutral but warm earth tones are making a big comeback in 2022, and this trend will continue to grow in popularity this fall: warm sand tones, cinnamon, mushroom, camel, terracotta, copper, oatmeal, muted green and similar neutrals they complement almost any other color palette, making it the perfect addition to any space.

natural decoration autumn 2022

While last year we still saw a lot of bold gray cool tones in autumn home decor, this year it’s warmer, softer and more muted tones.

Woven elements add softness

elegant industrial class interior

Think baskets of all shapes and sizes, woven curtains, natural fiber rugs and rattan furniture. Again velvet, boucle, linen and textured fabrics nubby are highlighted in this year’s autumn interior decoration forecast. Choose natural fabrics with weight and texture, such as heavy cotton and wool covers, loops nubbyvelvet, leather and heavier linen pieces instantly make your home cozier, even if you prefer a cooler color palette.

Decorating trend autumn winter 2022 2022: 3 main colors without shades

introduction of dark color deco 2022

If you want to experiment with this trend, try incorporating up to three colors into the space, mixing and matching different textures, fabrics, woven elements and natural materials in this tonal palette. Choose your primary color palette by drawing one to three colors from your rug or large artwork; then keep the rest of the colors in your space in the same color range.

Modern look vs traditional look

plants wood green brown autumn winter 2022 decoration trend 2022

This trend fits perfectly with the current popularity of earth tones in interior design, as mixing different shades of warm neutrals is an easy and stylish way to modernize your space. For a modern look, you can choose all three shades from the same color family for a monochromatic effect, or add one to two other complementary colors for a more traditional look.

Instead of looking for differences in styles, favor a mixture of contrasts!

decorated interior return inhabited

Another decorating trend you’ll see this fall is incorporating vintage pieces. We are looking for the autumn winter 2022 decoration trend in 2022, to mix styles and colors that are contrasting, but which end up being loved.

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