Where to put an orchid in the house?

With its branches full of colorful flowers, indoor orchid is a safe bet for decorate accommodation with taste. In order to last over time, it is essentialbright place they are not exposed to temperature shocks. But that’s not all: discover all our tips to turn yourself into an experienced botanist.

Where is the best place for an orchid?

It is not easy to find the most suitable place for installation Orchid. Even more so when it is seasons to change. We take care of you.

In summerset yours Orchid close to one a window facing west or east. You can also put it before a window facing south. In this case, plan a cyst so that the flowers do not burn in contact with the sun. The ideal remains a room with white walls which enables the reflection of light.

In winterput it in your ear more humid roomlike yours bathroomprovided it is shining. Originally from the tropics, orchids adapt well to this environment. On the other hand, it is not recommended to place it on an unheated veranda or, conversely, near a heater or fireplace. In both cases, the plant does not like extreme temperatures. Count between 20 and 28 degrees.

Orchid: how to maintain it?

Besides that light and D’hygrometryI’Orchid it should be pampered on a daily basis. For the biggest beginners among you, start with the easiest type to maintain: Phalaenopsis. is also called butterfly orchidthis variety it blooms twice a year. When the last flower withers, cut off the saltcutter stem over a bump or node to create a new one flower stalk. Cut it short as soon as it starts to wilt. Whether Orchid it no longer blooms at all, repot it and it will bloom next season. in general, leave your orchid in the pot and don’t move it. It is necessary that its flowers can develop freely and that they do not touch other plants or walls. To water it, sprinkle itrainwater several times a day. Privilege morning so that the water evaporates before the evening.

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