Which cover should you choose to protect and cover your sofa?

Why should you choose the right sofa cover?

The sofa is the main piece of furniture in the living room. It brings comfort and warmth to the room. It is both a piece of furniture and a decorative item that deserves special attention. Choosing a sofa cover should be taken seriously, because it is not just a decorative accessory. A sofa cover can play different roles depending on its style.

  • Determine the style of the room

Depending on the fabric and the selected pattern, the sofa cover can give character to the living room. Considering the size and importance of the sofa, the cover will immediately give a special style to the interior of the house. Depending on your preferences, a wide variety of patterns and styles are available for this underwear. Chic, sober, relaxed, original, it is usually enough to change the cover for the sofa to subtly change the decoration of the room.

  • Protect pets

Pets are mostly cats and dogs. Equipped with claws, the latter have an annoying habit of scratching the sofa. Pets also have a habit of sleeping or even eating on the couch. They can quickly dirty the furniture, covering it with hair and other dirt. A dirty, scratched or damaged sofa is far from aesthetic. Choosing a protective sofa cover will save you from buying a new piece of furniture after just a few weeks.

Available in different models, with different patterns, the sofa cover can also be designed in different fabrics as desired. Some covers can be made of velvet, wool, plush, etc. The choice of fabric plays an important role in the comfort of the sofa.

Unlike a bare sofa, the cover has the advantage that it can be washed in the washing machine. So, this coating will not only dress the sofa, but also protect it from mites, dust and other dirt. Animals aside, sofas are easily prone to stains. You can base your choice of sofa cover on how often you will need to clean it.

Our pick: stretch polyester sofa cover

This one TIANSHU stretchy pillow cover it is ideal for protecting and covering sofa cushions. Its white ivory color brings sober and classy style to the living room. The fabric from which it is designed is stretchy, breathable, smooth and wrinkle-free. This cover is made of knitted jacquard, a fabric known to be durable, pill-free and fade-resistant. Thanks to its anti-slip property, it stays in place, regardless of movement.

We recommend this cover for its practicality and the fact that it is suitable for almost all types of cushions and sofa cushions. Expandable, can be used on sunbeds, chairs, etc. If there are stains or dirt, this cover is machine washable and does not require bleaching or ironing.

Sofa cover with a large selection of colors

Ideal for covering the sofa, this BellaHills super stretch sofa cover adapts to all types of furniture. This sofa slipcover is made of plush spandex knit fabric with a plaid pattern. It’s so soft, comfortable and warm. Not only will it bring a chic style to your interior, but it will also protect your sofa from liquids, pet hair, stains, etc. Extendable, it is suitable for almost all types of sofas.

We especially appreciate this model because of the wide range of colors. 13 colors are available, including Natural, Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Sand, Sage, Dust Blue, Burgundy, Brown, Black, Tan, Steel Grey, Burgundy Red and Anthracite Grey. This cover can withstand machine washing and is therefore easy to clean.

Velvet sofa cover

This one Maxijin luxury velvet sofa cover provides softness and comfort. Stretchable, offers optimal protection against stains, wear, dust, pets, etc. Stripless, easy to install and remove when cleaning is required. It is available in several sizes depending on the size of your sofa. This cover also has an anti-slip property for a neat and smooth finish.

We chose it for its soft and comfortable polyester fabric and spandex velor fleece. Depending on the style of your stay, it is available in several colors: blue gray, white, navy blue, coffee, camel color, gray, khaki, peacock blue, black green, wine red and velvet white. The piles of its fabric are short and dense, offering incomparable softness.

Protective and resistant sofa cover

This one Stretchable cover for NIBESSER corner set it is made of resistant and elastic fabric. It is ideal for corner sets and is available in several sizes depending on the size of your furniture. This cover can withstand both machine washing and hand washing with a simple detergent for delicate laundry.

We especially like it for the comprehensive protection it offers. This cover is tough enough to protect your sofa from dust, pets, spills, etc.

Folding sofa cover

This model from Tekstil-Home protective sofa cover is both practical and functional. This cover is easy to put on and protects the sofa from scratches, stains and dust. Designed with polyester fabric, it is soft and comfortable.

What seduces us with this model is its reversible side. Available in several colors, it is possible to coordinate it with the decoration of the room. Available colors are black, beige, blue, grey, light grey, brown, purple, red and mixed.

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