which indoor plants to adopt?

Indoor plants are necessary for the complete decoration of the room. How to sublimate the kitchen with plants? Which ones to choose and how to arrange them? We tell you everything.

How to decorate the kitchen with plants?

For improve the kitchenwhile coloring it, decide without hesitation for indoor plants ! Ferns, guzmanias, cacti or even hyacinths. Apart from being a beautiful decorative object, these plants are very easy to maintain. Other plants such as anthuriumwill allow you to clean the air in the room.

Which plant to put above the refrigerator?

Not sure how to arrange your plants in the kitchen? Why not use the entire area? Think about the small corners of the room, free space on the refrigerator. You can set a aloe veraAnd spathiphyllum or any other plants. The decoration will only be more vegetated and authentic. For jungle effectdon’t hesitate to add tropical plants.

Indoor plants: what are the most popular varieties?

From indoor plants the most modern, we find Calathea Orbifolia, Monstera Deliciosa or a banana tree. The voluminous leaves of these plants will create an ultra-trendy tropical effect in the room. Basic products such as Yucca or Spathiphyllum are safe values ‚Äč‚Äčthat easily fit into your decor.

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