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Being a plumber offers many advantages. He is a construction specialist who has the advantage of working with several trades. Indeed, it can intervene in different sectors: sanitary system, heating, air conditioning and ventilation. It can also specialize in climate engineering. He has the skill to work, especially the water system. It can intervene on the pipes of your home as well as on the pipes of professional buildings. He may also be required to carry out plumbing repairs. It can also intervene in the installation of sanitary equipment, heating, ventilation and
air conditioning.

Become your own boss

Becoming a plumber can lead you down the road to entrepreneurship. Once you’ve completed your training and spent a few years working with experienced professionals, you’ll have the expertise to start your own business.

When you are your own boss, you can set your own rate, your own hours, and your own co-workers. You can even further your education with a business and management qualification.

Plumber services are as follows:

– Project study;
– Fault diagnosis and maintenance of installations;
– Search for water leaks;
– Solving pipeline problems
– Installation of toilets, boilers, radiators and heating systems
and air conditioner;
– repair, maintenance, installation and maintenance of sanitary devices;

How to become a plumber?

To become a plumber you must have BTS, CAP or Bac pro.

The profession of plumbing is a craft profession, and like all professions of this type, it allows you to start on your own, creating your own
society. Therefore, you should be able to:
– Take measures;
– Perform mathematical calculations;
– Choose the most suitable materials and equipment;
– Assembly execution;
– Install the equipment and connect it to the water and/or gas network;
– Performing plumbing works;
– Maintain and repair various equipment and installations;
– Report on the work done.

Plumbing skills

The skills to practice as a plumber require as much knowledge as knowing how to be. You must be able to provide a minimum commercial service, know how to be responsive and rigorous, but also know how to work in a team. Indeed, you will need to work with other construction professionals to carry out your project.

High demand for plumbers in various sectors

Demand for the profession of plumber can ensure job security. Buildings and homes often have indoor plumbing, which can require expert maintenance. Plumbers also offer specialized skills acquired through specific education and work experience. Since plumbers often serve the cities and towns they live in, customers may be more inclined to hire local plumbers than use third parties.

Plumber training can be affordable and flexible. When you enter an apprenticeship, you get paid while you learn. You can attend a vocational school or a technical college to facilitate your studies. You can also ask questions by working with experienced plumbers.

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