Wooden interior of a modern house

Whether for the fence of the terrace or for the furniture in the living room, wood has always been the material of choice for many owners and tenants, and that is no accident. Resistant, naturally warm and very versatile, this organic material has the ability to instantly enhance the decor without any effort. However, many people have the impression that its use is reserved only for country houses and cottages. Rest assured, a wooden interior can look modern and is subject to many attractive stylistic interpretations. Proof? Just check out the beautiful designs below!

The interior of the architect’s wooden house as an idea inspiration

The houses of architects around the world serve as conceptual benchmarks for decorators of all skill levels and experience. Certainly, they give us great inspiration when setting up and arranging our own habitats. So here’s what some of the talented designers have to show us when it comes to the latest wooden interiors!

interior staircase cladding in natural wood design Gianluca Fanetti floating stairs

As you have probably already noticed, in recent times the interior is completely dominated by wood in order to achieve the atmosphere of a prefabricated chalet. For it to work, it is necessary to choose the same type of finish for all the components such as the floor, walls, ceiling, interior wooden staircase and most of the furniture.

natural light wood interior floor ceiling furniture house architect open concept

If, on the other hand, the wooden interior “from head to toe” is a bit excessive for you, you can easily diversify the concept. Use a lot of white, for example for wall paint, while adding black metallic elements (via stairs, furniture legs, window frames, etc.). Such a floor in a combination of light wood and mottled white resin would also be fantastic, wouldn’t it?

Overview of wooden wall coverings

wooden interior lining Poltava chalet light panels walls living room bedroom

Wooden panels of contemporary design are very different from the wall coverings that we encountered in design magazines just two decades ago. Today they can be given a 3D relief effect and many other exclusive features that are simply brilliant! How about lighting built into the panels of this modern mountain house near Poltava, Ukraine?

wooden interior paneling geometric patterns contemporary home decoration

Contemporary natural wood paneling designs have also been very popular in recent years and for good reason! In addition to conventional options that are perfect for classic living rooms and bedrooms, it offers us decorative geometric arrangements in various styles. As seen above, these relief figures impeccably capture not only the eye, but also the heart of the beholder.

paneling wood interior wall to match rail door modern loft studio

The interior wall of wood paneling is another manifestation of the same idea that is causing a buzz among professional and amateur designers. Our advice is to use it only as an accent, as the texture of reclaimed wood is quite powerful and can quickly overpower the decor if used in moderation. An interior wall made of pallets or a hanging barn door is quite enough.

Some ceiling and floor design ideas

interior ceiling cladding in reclaimed wood paneling modern cabin Olson Kundig Architects

By the way, renewed formwork is not only for wall cladding. You can easily decorate the ceiling, provided that the rest is not covered with the same material with a pronounced presence. Use this decorative approach to balance a polished concrete floor, for example, as Olson Kundig Architects did in the modern cottage with industrial details shown in the image above.

interior dark wood floor mahogany ceiling stone wall fireplace House Ruben Dishdishyan Russia

The same applies to the design of the floor… Keep in mind that the darker and more reddish the wood, the stronger its warm effect will be. Check out Ruben Dishdishyan’s house in Russia pictured above. Although there are floor-to-ceiling windows to admire the snow outside, the combination of mahogany floors, exposed brick and leather, and velvet furnishings unmistakably warms the decor.

Wooden interior screen as a practical and aesthetic element

Eames armchairs wooden interior screen ideas partition wall kitchen dining room removable partition

Finally, we are pleased to present a simply fascinating wooden interior screen. As you probably know, it is a kind of perforated wall that divides the open space into functional zones, without closing each space completely and definitively.

2-in-1 wooden storage unit and partition for living room in Scandinavian style

2-in-1 indoor wooden storage partition wall, practical removable partition

Whether it is in the form of vertical slats, a removable partition or a set of cabinets that allow you to store various items, the cloister can certainly be decorative, especially if you choose a comfortable and elegant wood for its material. main production.

Internal wooden doors decorated with emerald color and slats with the effect of metal rivets

interior doors in emerald green painted wood trim gold moldings padded effect nails

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